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Canciones para historias de instagram sola en español

Canciones para historias de instagram sola en español
  1. Canciones para historias de instagram indirectas
    1. Songs for instagram aesthetic stories
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Canciones para historias de instagram indirectas

One of the best films of the 80s, a very sui generis musical conceived by Roger Waters that goes far beyond rock opera, full of psychedelia, a mixture of live action and transgressive animation with images hard to forget as the fascist hammers and some of the legendary songs of the band Pink Floyd. Pink is precisely the protagonist, a rock star who recalls his life in front of the TV and how he has been building a wall to isolate himself from the world. "Another brick in the wall"...

The well-known tale becomes a musical in this version in which Oliver arrives in London seeking his fortune after escaping from a hellish orphanage. The first thing he does is join a gang of petty thieves, but Oliver will try to get back on the right track as soon as he can.

Three sailors have a day off, the result? This fun and romantic musical about their wanderings. Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Betty Garrett and Ann Miller star in Donen and Kelly's behind-the-scenes debut.

Songs for instagram aesthetic stories

Mona Haydar is an American rapper and activist. This was her debut song and her best known track. In it, she defends the wearing of the hijab while asserting herself as a fierce feminist. In her lyrics she states that it is not her duty as a Muslim woman to educate the ignorant about her culture, and says in the chorus that she is "still tying her hijab" (wrapping my hijabi).

The female group that incubated the later pop star Beyoncé released this track in 2001. It is, without a doubt, a hymn to female economic independence. In the lyrics the four girls of Destiny's Child call on "all the women who are independent, throw your hands up at me, all the honeys who making money, throw your hands up at me" (All the women who are independent, throw your hands up at me, all the honeys who making money, throw your hands up at me).

In Mexico Paulina Rubio was also concerned with breaking stereotypes about femininity. In 2001, then, she released Yo no soy esa mujer as part of her album Paulina. In it she criticizes the "false idea of love" that dictates that women should stay at home and be obedient and makes it clear that she would rather be heartbroken than "the one who signs a paper and gives you her life". The chorus says "I am not that woman who doesn't leave the house, and who lays at your feet the best of her soul. I will not become the echo of your voice, in a corner... I am not that woman". A strong criticism of the institution of marriage.

Songs for instagram stories landscapes

In "Luz azul," the Colombian rock band Aterciopelados sings about seeing the positive things in life when everything goes wrong: "If you ran out of gas/ If you got mugged on the corner/ If they stuck you deep in the soul, a thorn/ Oh, if it gets hairy remember/ Life is rosy/ And the sky is blue/ Space is full of light."

"I know the windows can open/ Changing the air is up to you/ It will help you/ It's worth it one more time," sings Diego Torres on "Color Hope," which has become an anthem of hope and resilience.

Chilean singer-songwriter Francisca Valenzuela released the album La fortaleza in 2020, conceived in the style of a diary, and placed this song of the same title as the closing track. "Everything that has happened has brought me to today/ I look ahead over the horizon and the guilt I bury it and I leave/ I pack suitcase, I take a deep breath and I don't look back," she sings. The track is about knowing one's worth and realizing that one is enough.

"Bonita la vida, respira, respira, respira, respira," is the succinct message Jarabe de Palo sends in their 2003 single, reminding fans of the beauty of life and the importance of breathing. The song is an upbeat alternative track that sings of the simple things in life.

Songs for instagram stories men

One could ask her for hours about the social and environmental conscience she inherited from her parents, or about her support for various independence movements. About all that and a thousand other things one could talk to her, but time is not enough, especially now, when she is presenting a new album.

It is a way to explain to people the world of sounds. Sometimes when you use visual tools people understand the sound worlds better, I think most people find it difficult to use words to describe a sound.

I don't know why... I composed those reggaeton beats for those songs. I wasn't thinking, "Oh, let's do a reggaeton beat." It was an unconscious thing, but that's what brought everything together, shaped it, because the clarinet arrangements on 'Atopos', also the trombone and everything on 'Ovule', that's pretty complex stuff, so I needed a very, very simple beat with a lot of energy, that could bring it all together. And reggaeton beats are like that [laughs]. I made the beats myself, with very basic sounds and then we changed the sounds, but using the same rhythmic structure.

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