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Instagram has become one of the most popular photo platforms in the world. And although you can put a "like" or bookmark a photo to see it again later, there is no way to download it to your computer or device directly from Instagram. Therefore, in this guide we offer different alternatives to download photos from Instagram.

So, if you accidentally deleted a photo of the Eiffel Tower from your vacation in Paris, you can recover it if you uploaded it to the social network. Or maybe a photo you have looked great with Instagram filters and you want to have it also your desktop computer.

Also, just because there's no download button doesn't mean you can't do it. So we have selected the best ways to download photos from Instagram. Some methods are easier, while others require a little more time, but all are relatively painless.

Note: respect other users' photos. Downloading a photo for personal enjoyment is one thing, but if you intend to repost or otherwise use it, get permission from the owners first. Instagram has a detailed section on copyright.

Zoom instagram stories

IG Downloaderfrecido por igdownloader2023(674)300.000+ usuariosDescripción generalIG Downloader te permite descargar todas las imágenes y vídeos de Instagram que quieras, incluyendo descargas masivas de Instagram.IG Downloader te facilita la descarga de todas las imágenes y vídeos de Instagram que quieras, incluyendo descargas masivas de Instagram.

Si ya ha hecho clic en una imagen se puede descargar con el botón situado junto al icono de marcador. El botón de descarga de la cuenta a granel está al lado del botón de seguimiento. Por favor, tenga cuidado de no descargar demasiadas imágenes a la vez, porque Instagram puede bloquear temporalmente debido a demasiadas descargas (unos cinco minutos).

Instagram download pc

If there is a popular social network today, it is Instagram. The popular application has been updated with a multitude of new features in the past few months. Although many users are missing some tools in it. To compensate for these absences, we can turn to other applications available in the Play Store.

Although this is something that causes us to have too many applications installed on our Android device, which is not good for it. Luckily, there is already a solution to this problem, which comes in the form of an app. It is Grambox, also known as Gbox. A suite of tools for Instagram.

We are faced with an application with a minimalist interface, which allows a really simple navigation. When we open the application on our phone, we find the nine tools available in it on screen. Each one with a background color, which helps us to identify them easily.The nine tools we have available in Grambox are:

Ig downloader

Add content to existing Stories on AndroidWith adding new content to Instagram story your Android, first start the official application of the social network on your smartphone and sign in to your account (if prompted to do so.

How to archive all photos on Instagramlook Archive all photos on Instagram, you should be aware that the famous photo social network does not allow automatic mass archiving of content posted on your profile. However, it is possible, through

Instagram for PC onlineInstagram for PC: MacOther solutions for using Instagram on PCIPreliminary informationBefore explaining in detail how to take advantage of all the solutions at your disposal concerning Instagram for PC, I would like to provide you with information.

How to save videos received on InstagramHow to view videos received on InstagramFrom the moment you are wondering how to check videos received on Instagram, I would be glad to know that you can easily succeed in this attempt, by accessing the

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