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How to delete one post from multiple on instagram

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    1. How to delete an instagram account
    2. How to delete photos from instagram chat
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Instagram website

As Instagram rightly explains, the platform has Community Standards, as "we want Instagram to remain an authentic and safe place where users can find inspiration and express themselves."

"As always, the content you post on Instagram is your property. Remember to post authentic content; don't post anything you copied or found on the internet that you don't have the right to post."

"We realize that some people may want to share nude images of an artistic or creative nature; however, for a variety of reasons, we do not allow nudity to be posted on Instagram."

"To help us stamp out spam, don't look for your Likes, followers or times your content is shared to artificially increase. Also, don't post repetitive comments or content or repeatedly reach out to people for commercial purposes without their consent."

"The Instagram community is a space where members look out for each other and where people with different problems, such as eating disorders, disorders or all kinds of self-harm, come to in order to raise awareness or seek mutual support. We try to do our bit by providing educational materials in the app and incorporating information into the help desk so that everyone gets the support they need."

How to delete an instagram account

Notifications are there to warn you of something and we can usually get them out of the way when we have already read them, but sometimes there is no way to get rid of them. We tell you several methods so you can close those notifications that are stuck.

In some cases the permanent notification can not be removed from the middle because the mobile needs your attention. For example, you need to finish configuring your phone. Some system notifications you can't even forcefully hide.

If you only wanted to hide that particular notification - for example, because it was stuck - but not future ones, then you can do the same thing again and go to the notification settings of that app and re-enable notifications for that type.

A classic solution that usually gets rid of errors with notifications that won't go away is to force close the app, which also kills all notifications that app has active at that time.

How to delete photos from instagram chat

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How to delete multiple instagram photos from your cell phone

The digital trail, also called "internet trail", refers to the personal information that you leave as an Internet user when surfing the web, either to research a topic, ask a question, use your social networks, read articles in a blog, etc.

From the beginning, the Internet has positioned itself as a powerful and important tool since it allows you to do practically everything: learn new subjects, make payments, work from home, earn money, meet new people, buy products, maintain communication from miles away, automate processes... in short, an endless number of beneficial activities.

Therefore, it is necessary that in order to remove personal information from the internet you review the social networks where you are present and define your purpose to determine what is best for you. For example:

If you see publications in other people's accounts where there is information that compromises your privacy, the best thing to do is to contact the authors and ask them cordially to proceed to delete them. If they do not do so, report the publications as a privacy violation so that Instagram deletes them.

  Phrases for instagram posts
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