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Add spotify music to instagram story

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I can't ask music on instagram iphone

In July 2017, Becerra was part of the cast of a theatrical play about youtubers, directed by Nicolás Scarpino and Sebastián Irigo, with which she toured the interior of Argentina.[18][19] In September she earned her first nomination for "Favorite Youtuber" at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards Argentina.[20] In October she participated in the third edition of the Club Media Fest Argentina and Paraguay, an event for digital content creators. [21][22] In January 2018, Hill & Knowlton named Becerra as one of the most influential youtubers in Argentina, among ten other creators in the country, such as Kevsho or Mica Suárez.[3] In August, she received the award for "Favorite Music Influencer."[23] Also, in November she was shortlisted in the "Best youtuber" category, in the second edition of the Martín Fierro Digital Awards.[24] In November, she was shortlisted in the "Best youtuber" category, in the second edition of the Martín Fierro Digital awards.

In November 2021, she identified herself as bisexual in an interview for MTV News. Becerra stated, "I always had it in my head that I'm like this, so this is what I'm going to sing about. I'm not just going to do songs about men because I don't just like men."[108] Becerra stated.

How to send music by message on instagram

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Encuesta música instagram 2023

Instagram Stories está en la cresta de la ola en 2021. Introducidas hace cinco años, las Historias se crearon como un espacio donde la gente podía publicar fotos más mundanas sin preocuparse por el impacto que tendrían en sus feeds "curados" de Instagram. Ahora también se puede añadir música a Instagram Stories. La función ha estado disponible desde hace un tiempo, pero si aún no has tenido la oportunidad de probarla, entonces este puede ser el momento de hacerlo finalmente. Sigue leyendo para saber cómo añadir música a tu Instagram Story.

Antes de empezar, veamos cómo crear una Historia de Instagram a la que puedas añadir música desde cero. En los dispositivos móviles, tienes varios enfoques disponibles. Por ejemplo, puedes abrir tu cuenta, tocar el icono de tu perfil en la esquina superior izquierda y añadir la Historia desde ahí. Otra forma es acceder a tu feed principal, pulsar el botón "+" en la esquina superior derecha y seleccionar "Historia" en la barra de la parte inferior. También puedes pulsar sobre tu foto de perfil en la parte superior de la pantalla.

Alternativamente, también desde el feed principal, desliza el dedo hacia la izquierda en la pantalla y accederás directamente al modo Historia. Este método es muy útil, ya que te permite hacer una foto/vídeo sin tener que salir de Instagram, utilizando la propia cámara de la aplicación.

How to put music poll on instagram 2023

Podcasts are not exactly something new, but we must say that they are constantly evolving. As media and entertainment platforms, they enjoy tremendous versatility that allows content creators to talk about basically whatever they feel like. And therein lies their richness; what inspires people to get creative and grab the microphone at will.

A new episode comes out every Monday on the platform of your choice HERE (Spotify, Deezer, Apple Podcast). Check out below one of their recent episodes where they review Hacer canciones, a fascinating text that the beloved Julieta Venegas recently published where she analyzes contemporary music creation and composition.

The Mexican alternative scene has in Elis Paprika one of its most emblematic exponents. However, beyond her work as an artist, the composer from Jalisco has also done an enormous work as an activist by offering a place for female talents in need of diffusion. Thus was born in 2014 the Now Girls Rule movement, which has gradually gained followers in various spaces.

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