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Ana Celia de Armas Caso (30 de abril de 1988) es una actriz cubana y española. Comenzó su carrera en Cuba con un papel protagonista en el drama romántico Una rosa de Francia (2006). A los 18 años se trasladó a Madrid y protagonizó la popular serie El Internado durante seis temporadas, de 2007 a 2010.

Tras mudarse a Los Ángeles, de Armas interpretó papeles de habla inglesa en el thriller psicológico Knock Knock (2015) y en la comedia policíaca War Dogs (2016), y tuvo un papel secundario en el biopic deportivo Hands of Stone (2016). Saltó a la fama con su papel de Joi, las proyecciones holográficas de la IA, en la película de ciencia ficción Blade Runner 2049 (2017). Por su interpretación de la enfermera Marta Cabrera en la película de misterio Knives Out (2019), fue nominada al Globo de Oro a la Mejor Actriz. Posteriormente interpretó a la chica Bond Paloma en la película de James Bond No Time to Die (2021) y a Marilyn Monroe en el biopic Blonde (2022). Por esta última, de Armas recibió una nominación al Oscar a la mejor actriz, convirtiéndose en la primera mujer cubana en conseguirlo.

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slider-01 - copyThe oldest Royal Palace in use in EuropeBUY TICKETSCheck out the new visitor ruleslider-0190th anniversary of the transfer of the Real Alcázar of Seville to the city.VIEW FULL VIDEO.

At this moment, we are hosting the press conference for the presentation of the Latin Grammy Awards 2023. For the first time in its history it will be held outside the United States, and it will be in our city. Tapestry Hall, Gothic Palace. Real Alcázar of Seville ...

Magnificent reception with a full house in the Salón del Almirante, for the conference given by Professor Aurelio Pérez Jiménez "The Treaty of Albumasar. When the stars dictated history" #sevilla #andalucia #spain #art #history #culture #heritage #heritage #heritage #astronomy ...

From April 20 to May 24, in the Sala Cantarera of the Gothic Palace you can visit the exhibition of Editorial Moleiro. Access through the Lion's Gate with the entrance of the Royal Alcazar. From 09.30 to 19.00h.

The Alcázar of Seville participates in the 9th White Night with a special program of guided tours that will visit the Gardens of the monument. There will be six visits in groups of up to 30 people per shift.

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If you want to analyze the opportunities of your project or existing company, this strategic management tool is perfect for you. Discover how to use it step by step, but not before understanding all its components.

It is a strategic management tool that allows you to know the key aspects of your business: how they relate and compensate each other. It makes visible the infrastructure, supply, customers and financial situation of your organization to recognize deficiencies and analyze performance.

It was developed by business consultant Alexander Osterwalder and management information systems professor Yves Pigneur who defined 9 categories representing the basic components of an organization.

The Canvas model is an indispensable document, whether you are an entrepreneur or a businessman; it is crucial to analyze and determine the viability of a project through its sections. Its main characteristics are the following:

The Canvas model is an ideal tool to understand a business model in a more direct and structured way. Using it will help you visualize your customer information, the value propositions you offer, through which channels and how your company makes money. In addition, you can use the Canvas model not only to understand your own business model, but also that of your competitors.

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Michael Bay's first collaboration with Netflix allowed the author to draw a film that is "M-Bay" at its finest: action and stunts galore, with Ryan Reynolds, Ben Hardy, Mélanie Laurent and Corey Hawkins. They gave life to a group of millionaires who decide to fake their death to form a group of vigilantes whose goal is to hunt down dangerous criminals across the planet.

'Badly Wounded Hearts', Netflix's unexpected romantic hit, sneaks in among the most watched movies in the platform's history, and it has its merit. Based on the novel by Tess Wakefield and one of the best love movies on Netflix for romantics, the film follows Cassie Salazar, a young survivor living with Type 1 diabetes whose medications she can't afford, even with her job as a waitress and sometime singer at a bar. But her life changes when she meets Luke Morrow, a Marine with whom she quickly turns from hate to love.

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