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Sharing a story on instagram

  1. How to share another user's Instagram story
    1. How to share in my Instagram story a
    2. 2 ways to share instagram reels on instagram.
    3. Compartir historia de instagram en facebook

How to share another user's Instagram story

Instagram Helpdesk When you view someone's story, you can send them a message as a reply: Open the story you want to reply to. Tap Send message at the bottom of the screen. Type your message and tap Send.

To repost any Instagram photo (both yours and other people's), tap on the send icon below that photo. The icon has the drawing of a paper airplane and serves both to send the photo to other people in a private message and to repost it on your Instagram stories.

Reply to an Instagram story When you click on the avatar of one of your contacts you will start to see their stories. When you see one that you want to reply to, at the bottom left of the box where you can leave a textual reply you will have a camera icon.

The most typical reason is that the person who publishes the original story has not allowed their followers to share. To mark it, go to your profile -> Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Story Controls -> Shared Content.

How to share in my Instagram story a

Despite following these steps, we have asked several influencers and some of them are still unable to share stories in which they have been mentioned, while others mentioned in that same publication have been able to.

They are those that allow the user to navigate through the website, and the use of the different options or services that exist in it as, for example, control traffic and data communication, identify the session, access parts of restricted access, use security features while browsing, store content for broadcast video or sound or share content through social networks.

2 ways to share instagram reels on instagram.

How to start a conversation on InstagramI start this tutorial by explaining in detail how to start a chat on instagram from the technical point of view, using the application of the well-known photo social network for Android (downloadable from Play Store.

What is an Instagram jigsaw puzzle.Before we get into the subject and see how to make jigsaw puzzles on instagram, it is my duty to specify first of all what we are talking about.As I already anticipated a few lines above, a jigsaw puzzle for Instagram is not more

How to view video plays on InstagramInstagram gives a lot of importance to the videos that are posted on its platform and, thanks to the introduction of always new updates and features, it is possible to see in a really simple way the videos that are posted on its platform.

In case of doubtGood tips for creating interesting storiesPut photos in Instagram storyAs I told you, it is possible to put photos in Instagram story both from the smartphone and from the PC. So, let's see how to proceed in both

Compartir historia de instagram en facebook

Las Historias de Instagram son un elemento fundamental de la aplicación para los seguidores, e incluso muchos de los usuarios publican estas Historias en sus feeds. Aunque para ello es importante cumplir un requisito. Y, ya que te hemos explicado cómo ver las últimas personas seguidas, hoy queremos enseñarte a compartir la historia de Instagram de otra persona.

Estas Historias de Instagram ayudan a los usuarios a compartir momentos importantes o especiales de su vida con sus seguidores. Es la función más interesante que utilizan actualmente los influencers para ganar más seguidores y las empresas para poder hacer campañas especiales que perduren en el tiempo de una manera determinada.

Para retirar de tu compartir una Historia en el feed será necesario cumplir un requisito del que hablaremos a continuación. Sin embargo, compartir una Historia de otra persona en tu perfil es muy sencillo y no tendrás ninguna limitación.

Si quieres compartir la Historia de otra persona en tu perfil de Instagram, sólo tienes que ir a la publicación, pulsar sobre el avión de papel que verás en la parte inferior derecha y seleccionar si quieres compartir la publicación en tu Historia o compartirla con las personas que aparecen en la lista.

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